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10 July 12

St. Anthony's receives the gold standard in surgical equipment audit

St. Anthony's has received the gold standard in the second national audit of laparoscopic (keyhole) surgical equipment.

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26 March 12

Advice on Breast Implants

There has recently been extensive coverage in the global media regarding the usage and replacement of PIP breast implants.

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27 February 12

Acting FAST Proves It Can Save Hundreds Of Lives

Latest figures show that the annual Act FAST stroke campaign has had a significant impact on patients receiving stroke treatment.

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02 February 12

Local Cheam entrepreneur Roger Davies seeks volunteers to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of St Raphael’s Hospice, Cheam

Local Cheam entrepreneur Roger Davies, 63, is looking for volunteers to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with him next September in aid of St Raphael’s Hospice, Cheam, Surrey, to celebrate the Hospice’s 25th anniversary.

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01 February 12

The Daughters of the Cross at St Anthony's

1st February 2012 - Sr. Veronica Hagen, Chair of the Trustees of the Daughters of the Cross, the Charity which owns St. Anthony’s Hospital and St. Raphael’s Hospice issued a statement on the future of both organisations.

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24 November 11

New Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory Opening

Following its installation, our new Toshiba Cardiac Catheterisation laboratory has now been officially opened by former BBC television presenter Nicholas Owen.

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31 August 11

Bowel Cancer Awareness

A recent study published by the BMC (Bio-Med Central) has indicated that many of us are still largely unaware of risk factors and warning signs for bowel cancer. Indeed it seems there may be a reluctance to breach the subject at all, due to its sensitive nature, leaving many of us confused and unaware of what to watch out for. Dr Pritash Patel, Consultant Gastroenterologist, highlights the importance of tackling bowel cancer early.

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22 July 11

Smear Test Won’t Save You From Top Cancer Threat

Nearly half of women in the UK mistakenly believe that cervical cancer is the gynaecological cancer they should most be worried about, with only a staggering 4% of women very confident that they would notice a symptom of the real life biggest killer, ovarian cancer, reports research from the charity Target Ovarian Cancer

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