Fixed Price Surgery

Fixed Price Surgery

Going into hospital is worrying at the best of times. So if you are paying for yourself, the last thing you want is not knowing what the final bill will be.

Fixed price surgery offers a way round this problem because we guarantee the price to you at the outset. Nursing accommodation, theatre fees, doctors' fees, drugs and dressings are all included as well as the cost of a pre-operative and a post-operative consultation. And if your consultant thinks you need to stay in hospital a little longer than expected, then that is covered too up to a maximum period of 28 days.

All we ask in return is that you let us have your payment on or before admission to the hospital. Thereafter, you will only be asked to pay for personal expenses such as telephone calls which will be charged to your account for payment when you are discharged.

Fixed price surgery is offered at the discretion of the hospital and may not be available in all cases. Where it is not possible to offer a fixed price, the hospital will generally be able to offer a package price based on the expected length of stay with additional nights charged at a fixed rate. Certain procedures including cardiac surgery are only available on a package price.

Surgery Price
Endoscopy £1230-1900
Hernia Repairs (depending on one or both sides, primary or recurrent) £2100 – 4375
Haemorrhoidectomy £2430
Varicose Veins £1740 – 4455
Hip / Knee Replacement (including prosthesis) £10,000-14,000
Cataract Extraction (including lens, one eye) £2800 (Approx.)
Foot Surgery (Depending on one or both feet and extent of deformity £1500-4540
Heart Surgery (Hospital only) £16,000 (Approx.)
Cardiac Catheterisation (Hospital only) £1500 (Approx.)
Angioplasty £7000
Major Vascular or Cancer Surgery £5000 – 12,000
TURP £4860 – 5065
Hysterectomy £5930 – 6375
Initial Consultant Appointment £175 - 250

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