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Treatment Costs

Outpatient services

As a private patient, you may have private medical insurance or be paying for yourself. Even if you have insurance, you will be asked to pay for most outpatient services on the day of service and reclaim from your insurer. This is because most insurance companies set a limit on outpatient claims and the hospital is unable to know if the claim will be met. Occasionally, payment is made by third parties such as an employer or, in medico-legal cases, by a solicitor.

Inpatient services

We have agreements with all the main medical insurers and if you are to be admitted to hospital as an insured patient, we will normally invoice your insurer directly. Please note however, that you are still personally responsible for the payment of any excess or shortfall under the terms of your policy.

If you are paying for yourself, for a planned admission we will write to you to confirm the cost which is then payable before you come into hospital. If the cost is not quantifiable in advance we will ask you for a deposit and settle up once the cost is known. If you need to be admitted at short notice without time for a quotation, we ask for a deposit of £3,800 for an expected stay of up to 2 nights or £5000 if the stay is likely to be longer.

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