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Future of St Anthony's and St Raphael's

08 March 13

Future of St Anthony's and St Raphael's

Statement by Sister Veronica Hagen, Chair of Trustees. 4th February 2013.

Please download the PDF to read the full statement by Sister Veronica Hagen.


Everyone is welcome to send their views to the Trustees.

The TRUSTEES of the charity are

  • Sister Mary Agnes
  • Sister Annette Clemence
  • Sister Veronica Hagen (Chairman)
  • Sister Mary McLaughlin
  • Sister Elena Pettenuzzo, OBE
  • Sister Kathleen O'Reilly (Mother Superior)


The address for all the Trustees is:

The Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross of Liege

29 Tite Street,

London SW3 4JX