MRI Scanning

MRI stands for Magnetic resonance Imaging. This scanning technique uses a large, very strong magnet, radio frequency waves and a computer to take pictures of the body. No x-rays are used.

St Anthony's Hospital has taken advantage of the latest imaging technology and installed a General Electric 1.5 Tesla HDxt MRI scanner which is capable of producing high quality images with short acquisition times. It has been specially designed with a short bore, open at both ends to ensure patient comfort.

Our Service

The MRI department has an appointment system and is open between 8.30am and 4.30pm. To make an appointment please telephone 020-8337 6691 and ask for the MRI department.


For most examinations no preparation is required, but you will be informed of any special preparations when you make your appointment.

Before the scan

You will be asked to fill in a safety questionnaire on arrival. It is essential to provide accurate information as failure to do so can be dangerous in certain circumstances, for example, heart pacemaker or some ferromagnetic implants.

All your valuables will be locked away especially credit cards, watches and any loose change.

During the scan

During the scan you will be asked to lie on a bed and it is most important to keep very still. You may find it more relaxing to close your eyes. The radiographers will communicate with you via a two way intercom and you will be given a buzzer by which you can contact them at any point. Short bursts of noise are produced during the examination and the bed may occasionally move. You may wear the ear plugs provided or listen to music of your choice on headphones.

The examination time will vary according to the diagnosis being sought. Some examinations will require an injection of contrast medium, which enables us to visualise the area we are scanning in more detail.

Side effects

The MRI scan is painless but there may be a sensation of warmth.

Results and follow up

The MRI scan will be interpreted by a Consultant Radiologist and the results will be forwarded to your referring clinician within a few days.


Please Contact us if you have any further questions.

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