Aquatic Physiotherapy

St Anthony's has added aquatic physiotherapy to the range of services we are able to offer.

This service is being offered through AquaPhysio Ltd, based in Lower Morden.

Aquatic physiotherapy is performed in a warm, 34 degree pool with the properties of the water aiding in the mobilisation of stiff joints and muscle relaxation, whilst reducing the weight put through joints which can enable exercise sooner, particularly after surgery.

All therapists at AquaPhysio Ltd are highly skilled, chartered Physiotherapists and are also members of the Health Professionals Council. Therapy takes place in a state of the art pool that incorporates variable depths, exercise stations, an underwater treadmill and a variable speed current.

Aquatic Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for:

  • Post-fractures
  • Post-surgery
  • Sports injuries
  • Managing long term conditions (Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoporosis etc.)
  • Health and fitness
  • Neurological conditions

Appointments can be made through the St Anthony’s Physiotherapy department on 020 8335 4589.

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