Cardiac Services

St Anthony's Hospital has specialised in cardiac surgery since 1975. Each year around 200 bypass graft and valve replacement procedures are carried out by leading London surgeons. The cardiac programme now extends to catheterisation, PTCAs, coronary stents and pacemaker implantation.

In addition to treating a large number of British patients, the Hospital also receives many referrals from abroad and has built up considerable expertise in the administration of such arrangements. Because of this, St Anthony's is able to offer patients a complete package including hospital treatment, transport and accommodation for relatives.

The Cardiac Team

A panel of specialists based in the London Teaching Hospitals leads the Cardiac Team. The accumulated experience of this group includes an on-going research programme and much published material.

The mortality rate for cardiac patients operated on at St Anthony's remains under 1%.

Clinical Services

  • Four fully equipped operating theatres available for use 24 hours a day
  • Eight bed intensive care unit equipped with the latest monitoring and life support systems
  • Intensivists and specialists in renal, neuro and other relevant specialties on call
  • Four bed high dependency unit on the cardiac ward
  • Telemetry with central cardiac monitoring station
  • Cardiac catheterisation laboratory, PTCAs, coronary stenting, pacemaker implantation, Electrophysiology
  • Cardiac MRI and CT scans
  • Echocardiography - including stress echos, exercise ECGs, 24 hour monitoring
Surgeon Hospital
Mr. V. Chandrasekaran St.George’s Hospital
Prof. M. Jahangiri St.George’s Hospital
Mr. P. Kallis Private
Mr. R. Kanagasaby St.George’s Hospital
Mr. Aziz Momin St.George’s Hospital
Mr. Justin Nowell St.George’s Hospital
Mr. Neil Roberts St.George’s Hospital
Mr. N. Roberts The Heart Hospital
Mr. M. Sarsam St.George’s Hospital
Mr. E. E. J. Smith St.George’s Hospital
Mr. J. Y. M. Yap The Heart Hospital
Cardiologist Hospital
Dr. R. Allen East Surrey Hospital
Dr. S. Banerjee East Surrey Hospital
Dr. R. Bogle Epsom & St.Helier / St.George's Hospitals
Dr. S. Brecker St.George’s Hospital
Dr. T. P. Chua Royal Surrey County Hospital
Dr. P. Clarkson Frimley Hospital
Dr. W. Culling Kingston Hospital
Dr. Y. Daryani Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals / St Peter's Hospital
Dr. M. Faircloth St Georges Hospital & Frimley Park Hospital
Dr. S. Firoozi St.George's Hospital
Dr. D. Fluck St. Peter's Hospital
Dr. J. Foran Epsom & St.Helier / St.George's Hospital
Dr. M. Gallagher St.George's Hospital
Dr. Nandkumar Gandhi East Surrey Hospital
Dr. R Iqbal East Surrey and St.George's Hospitals
Dr. P Lim St.George's Hospital
Dr. O. Odemuyiwa Epsom Hospital
Dr. U Prasad Epsom and St Helier Hospitals / St.George's Hospital
Dr. A Qasim Croydon University Hospital / Kings College Hospital
Prof. S. Redwood St.Thomas' Hospital
Dr. Magdi Saba St.George’s Hospital
Dr. Ansuman Saha East Surrey Hospital
Dr. R Sharma St.George's Hospital
Dr. J. Sneddon Crawley Hospital
Dr. L H Soo Crawley Hospital
Dr. A Vasudeva Kingston / St.George's Hospitals

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