Cardiac Electrophysiology

Cardiac Electrophysiology is the latest service being provided by Cardiologists at St. Anthony’s with the support of our Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory Team.

Cardiac Electrophysiology either freezes or heats dysfunctional areas of the heart muscle in order to stop and prevent the re-occurrence of heart-rhythm disorders. The procedure, whilst sometimes lengthy, is minimally invasive as the heart is reached through a catheter inserted via the groin.

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Electrophysiology is now considered a first-line treatment for people with Cardiac Arrhythmias, which are being diagnosed with increasing frequency across the UK. However, the service is highly specialised and St. Anthony’s is one of only a handful of centres in the South of England at which it is currently available.

Cardiac Electro-physiologists

Dr Mark Gallagher        Dr John Foran        Dr Magdi Saba

Dr Nandkumar Gandhi    Dr Riyaz Kaba        Dr Elijah Behr

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