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Advocacy Partners
McMillan House, 54 Cheam Common Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8RH

Tel: 020 8330 6644 / Fax: 020 8330 6622
website: www.advocacypartners.org.uk

Advocacy Partners

Advocacy Partners Speaking Up is leading the development and delivery of independent advocacy services in London and the South East.

We enable people with learning disabilities, older people and people with mental health needs or physical impairments to have rights that are respected, voices that are heard and real control over life decisions. We support people to be treated fairly and to participate fully in community life.

Advocacy Partners was the first advocacy organisation of its kind in the U.K. and has been providing independent advocacy since 1981.

We continue to play a leading role in enabling people who use health and social care support to have greater choice and control. Examples include our lead role in the development and implementation of the first statutory advocacy service in England and Wales, Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA), and our role shaping thinking on personalising social care.

We provide services in 10 main London Local Authority areas, and in Kent Surrey, Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

We provide independent Mental Capacity Advocacy

International Glaucoma Association Support Group

International Glaucoma Association Support Group

The I.G.A. can help you to live with Glaucoma

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition in which the nerve of sight (optic nerve) as it leaves the eye has become damaged and this is usually associated with increased pressure within the eye.

The most common type (chronic glaucoma) does not cause symptoms until it is well established. It is unusual before the age of 40 but then should be tested for at intervals, often when having a test for spectacles.

If you have been diagnosed as having glaucoma DON'T WORRY.

  • Glaucoma can normally be controlled, often just by using eye drops
  • It is important, however, that you attend to see your eye specialist regularly and that you work closely with him
  • The more you understand about your condition the better you will be able to collaborate with your eye specialist to ensure that treatment is successful

If you have any further questions ask your eye specialist or family doctor or you are welcome to telephone or write to the I.G.A. where the staff will be pleased to help.

c/o King's College Hospital
Denmark Hill
London SE5 9RS
Telephone & Fax: 020 7737 3265

Surrey Voluntary Association for the Blind

How we at SVAB can help you!

SVAB are here to help anyone whose eyesight has become a cause for concern whether they are registered as visually impaired or not. All our services are provided free of charge.

Any person resident in the administrative County of Surrey can make use of our services. If you live outside this area we can give you a contact for services in your local area.

We maintain the register of visually impaired people on behalf of Surrey County Council. If you wish to be registered we can provide information on the many benefits of registration.

Anyone can contact SVAB to arrange for us to make use of our services. Why not call us directly or get a family member, carer, friend, neighbour or any statutory or voluntary agency to contact us on your behalf?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Services available from SVAB:

  • Information support and advice
  • Professional assessment of need
  • Mobility training and equipment
  • Classes in Braille, moon and Typing
  • Access to computers and the Internet
  • Everyday living skills
  • Low Vision Studio and Resource Centre
  • Home Visiting Service
  • Grants to individuals

Why not contact SVAB. Our office is open Monday to Friday 8.45am to 4.45pm.
Tel: 01372 377701 (messages may be left out of office hours).
Fax: 01372 360767

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